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Prepared: March 1, 2014

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Invoice ID: 28 February 2014

Your Account ID: MathForKeeps


Previous balance
$ 300.00
Payments & Credits
$ 1000.00
New charges
$ 700.00
Account balance
$ 0.00
No payment is
due at this time

Current charges

price per unit
Feb 21Project Delivery
Project 1 from proposal dated 6 Dec 2013: "Create a full-scope top-down overview of the entire business as a set of processes"; delivered to Lacie & Emily @ Lacie's
$ 700.00
Total charges:$ 700.00

Payments & Credits

AppliedIdentified asAmount
Feb 10Check 734$ 300.00
Feb 21Check 765$ 700.00
Total credits:$ 1000.00
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Account information

Math For Keeps
Lacie Taylor

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